Posted on March 9th, 2020

Environmental Buildup: Facts & Solutions

Roof with Algae Buildup

YIKES! What’s that unsightly green, black, brown, and yellowish stuff growing on your roof, siding, driveway or patio? Does your house look like a scene out of the movie “Swamp Thing”? Don’t worry, it’s more common than you think, and can be easily removed if done correctly.

What you are seeing are airborne microorganisms, also referred to as “environmental buildup”. These microorganisms travel through the air, land on different areas of your property, and begin to spread. Microorganisms come in many different shapes and sizes, but lichen, mildew, moss, algae, and mold are the most common in the Midwest.

Airborne microorganisms (environmental buildup) are composed of either fungal or bacterial buildup and can be found almost anywhere with the right conditions.

Fungal buildup:
  • Has roots that attach to what it is growing on
  • Tends to be more difficult to eradicate
Bacterial buildup:
  • Lacks a root system
  • Is easily removable with the proper solution

Some areas of buildup may be more dominant than others. Certain factors such as shade and high moisture make areas next to water or below trees harder to target. Because microorganisms thrive in conditions like these, early remediation is very important before they cause irreversible damage.

The combination of low-pressure cleaning practices and environmentally safe solutions can ensure proper removal without voided manufacture warranties or on-site damages.

The destructive nature of any environmental buildup is significant not only from a structural stand point but from a health one as well. If environmental buildup is left to grow, it will slowly consume and destroy what it is growing on, causing breakages in a structure. Eventually, the harm will lead to permanent damages and costly repairs. Additionally, environmental buildup can cause serious respiratory and health issues. Believe it or not, all environmental buildup is airborne and low quantities are inhaled each day. For the best interest of both you and your property, it is very important to keep up on cleaning environmental buildup immediately and properly.