Posted on March 20th, 2024

2024 Exterior Spring Cleaning Maintenance Checklist

Power Washing Garden Spring

As we enter the spring season of 2024, routine maintenance is necessary following the harsh midwest winter months to preserve curb appeal and keep your home looking beautiful. Ensure proper care with some TLC on neglected exterior areas utilizing our handy checklist provided from the JL Services team.

Driveways and Sidewalks
Unfortunately, the spring rain isn’t enough to do a thorough job of cleaning your hardscapes. Start with a broom to get initial surface residue off and transition to a power washer. For an immaculate finish, go an extra step by applying proper solutions to amplify the cleaning results.

Exterior Walls
After a frigid winter, your exterior walls may look worn out and dirty. Luckily, this cleaning job is easy to accomplish and makes a big impact on your home's appearance. Power washing should be performed with extreme caution and/or by a professional. Be mindful of siding that requires replacement and consider doing so if needed.

Whether you are cleaning a wood or a metal fence, this tip helps immensely with keeping your house shinning. Start inspecting for holes and repairs along with rust and erosion that might need fixing. After patch-ups, use a scrub brush or hose to remove remaining deposits and finish with a fresh layer of lacquer and/or paint.

Gutter Cleaning


We recommend flushing out gutters at least every six months. Since spring is generally found to be our rainiest part of the year, take advantage of the opportunity and unclog those water channels. The roof and siding, act as a drainage system for rain to surpass through and direct water away from your home thus limiting potential damage or flooding. This job requires a ladder, so take extra safety precautions when working or hire a professional.

Mineral spots and dusty debris tend to build up on windows in the cold weather months. Complete this unpopular chore by using a microfiber mop and a vinegar/water solution. Make your glass panes spotless then enjoy those great outdoor views even more.

Our team is here to assist you in your spring cleaning projects and beyond. JL Services Group provides professional services including power washing, soft washing, exterior cleaning and more. Contact us today at (630) 422-5020.