Posted on May 22nd, 2024

Why You Should Power Wash Your House Before Painting

Cleaning Power Washing Exterior

Power Washing before painting your home is crucial to warrant the lifespan of your finished project. It will ensure an exceptional result that will boost your curb appeal making your home a neighborhood standout. Our team shares some of those reasons why and details the importance of implementing power washing prior to applying paint.

Removes Debris for Better Adhesion
To create a strong bond between the new paint and intended exterior surface, getting rid of dirt spots, mildew, grime and debris is essential. This important phase aids in preventing premature peeling or chipping and provides a smooth uniform covering, thus reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.

Power Washer vs. Garden Hose for Thorough Cleaning
The biggest advantage to utilizing a power washer over your garden hose is that it simply uses less water for a better outcome. This is the right tool to get into those tricky crevices and cracks as well as reaching the tallest levels of your home. In addition, a high pressure/strong water flow saves time and effort scrubbing. Many of these versatile machines have adjustable settings and safely conditions most exteriors into a pristine refreshed final finish.

Longevity for Your Paint
Having thoroughly prepared outside walls can save you from doing unnecessary work and spending money since there will be a longer interval between repainting. To get the full benefits of durability and endurance, select power washing as the best method to leave you with a perfectly primed area. You can potentially double how long paint lasts when choosing to pressure wash first.

Painting Exterior

Professional Looking Results
A renewed pure canvas will reveal the true colors and textures of your house, bringing about an appealing professional look. Tackling tough stains beforehand will rejuvenate your buildings facade from dull to show-off its bright appearance and make paint pop. Doing this primary prep leads to a fresh, inviting impression that makes it look like you did twice the work.

In conclusion, power washing before painting has several advantages over any other traditional technique and spares you unwanted expense. If you’re planning on undertaking this major task soon, you can optimize the outcome when choosing power washing as the initial step. For skilled results, please visit JL Services and we will help with all your power washing needs.