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Providing the perfect solution for maintaining a clean, fungus and algae-free roof.

A roof is the crowning glory of your home and needs to be regularly maintained to look its best. A clean roof will not only improve your home’s charm but will last longer and add more value. If your roof is showing signs of mold, it may eventually cause health problems. Most mold allergy symptoms are similar to hay fever such as coughing, itching, watery eyes and sneezing.

JL Services Group is your perfect solution to maintaining a clean, fungus and algae-free roof. We offer affordable maintenance packages to suit your needs. For a free consultation and estimate, call us today!

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we keep our process environmentally friendly!*

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Why should I clean my roof?

It is very important to maintain your roof’s integrity. When environmental buildup collects on your roof’s surface, it can be extremely damaging. If not properly cared for, this buildup can become the source of leaks or even cause parts of your roof’s material to fall off. Maintaining your roof is very economical; replacing your roof is very costly. Having a clean, presentable roof not only makes your home more attractive, but also helps achieve better resale value.

What is the best methodology?

Cleaning a roof is not as simple as it seems. There are multiple preliminary steps to take before starting. First, you have to identify the type of buildup on the roof so it is correctly and safely eradicated and removed. Secondly, we need to identify any potential obstacles like elevations around the house and roof, and any types of facades that need to be protected during the cleaning process. These could include copper roofing over bay windows and/or copper gutters and surrounding landscaping. Once everything has been thoroughly inspected, the cleaning can start.

Prior to all roof cleanings, we clean all gutter systems to allow free-flow of any excess chemicals used, and we seal off all gutter downspouts to collect any run-off chemicals during the roof cleaning process. Our cleaning process is done at LOW pressure, not high pressure. High pressure will permanently damage the roofing material and void any warranties provided by material manufacturers. JL Service’s cleaning technique is the only system encouraged by the roofing institutions. We apply different types of chemicals at low pressure, depending on the style and type of roofing material being cleaned. When our compounds have set correctly, we can rinse away all dead buildup, or let Mother Nature do the rinsing – this is the most economical way.

*Our chemicals can be left on the roof safely – rest assured they won’t damage anything, but it will take several weeks to a couple months for all bigger buildup to evacuate, like lichen or moss (fungal buildup that has a root system). Following any roof cleaning services, we neutralize all sprayed-on chemicals which can help fortify and reintroduce good bacteria into plant leaves and roots.

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What are the benefits?

Energy saving – When environmental buildup is left on a roof, it attracts sunlight, keeping your roof hot and raising the internal temperature which keeps your house hot in warmer weather. Removing the buildup will allow your home to remain at a normal temperature while optimizing energy costs.

Aesthetics – Preserving your home’s exterior appeal is very important financially, but also personally. Curb appeal retains the value and keeps your home looking great all year round.

Life expectancy – Maintaining your roof is just like maintaining anything else. It needs to be cleaned every so often or it will prematurely wear out. Cleaning your roof every couple of years will not only ensure that it will support its integrity, but it will also help get the full life out of the roof. All environmental buildup on a roof is detrimental, it prematurely breaks down by feeding off the surface and holding moisture, constantly keeping the exterior wet. If your roof breaks down, it could lead to leaks in the roof causing serious damage. A properly maintained roof can prevent potential damage and maximize your investment.

How often should I clean my roof?

Keeping your roof clean and free of buildup can be very easy if done correctly. Most often when we are called, it’s because the buildup has reached a mature state and is noticeable. To prevent this from happening, JL Services and many roofing specialists suggest a roof cleaning every couple of years. This helps safely eliminate any environmental buildup and maintain your roof. Any visible buildup you notice is a damaging microorganism that has reached the mature state. Let us set up a schedule for you to keep your asset looking its best and get the maximum life expectancy before replacement is necessary. Remember this, it’s much more expensive to purchase than maintain.

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